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Wanna be pentester

Hi guys!

So, if you are reading this, I'm dead! Lol kidding.

Seriously now, if you are reading this, you are trying to become a pentester and not a stupid teenager who just wants to run a tool and tell his friends that he is a hacker.

Also, if you are concerned/complaining about the icon size on your desktop, your sound card is not working in Kali Linux, or you are too lazy to read it, go back to your everyday life. You don't have the pentester/hacker soul.

If you are still reading at this point, I already suppose that you have at least the basic knowledge of:

- Linux operation and management

- Windows operation and management

- Some programming language skills (Perl, python, ruby, javascript) also, for web pentest event HTML is required, even if it isn't a programming language

- Basic Network knowledge (TCP/IP, ICMP) /Network services (Proxy, VPN, Samba, AD)

- Protocols like HTTP, FTP, DNS, SSH

- SQL (DDL, DML, and so on), MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle.

If you don't have these skills, don't try to get into the security world at this moment, or you will get frustrated. You will need a lot of reading before you can start it.

Don't think just installing Kali Linux on your machine magically makes you a pentester. It takes time, and to be honest, a lot of time!

If you want to learn Linux, don't start with Kali for the following reasons: Basically, these lines: "The fact of the matter is, however, that Kali is a Linux distribution specifically geared towards professional penetration testers and security specialists, and given its unique nature, it is NOT a recommended distribution if you're unfamiliar with Linux or are looking for a general-purpose Linux desktop distribution for development, web design, gaming, etc."

The most important thing is: Know how things work.

I will not discuss the guys who use SET to grab Facebook credentials. I know a lot of "hackers" who can dump entire databases, but they don't even know how a SELECT or CREATE TABLE statement works or guys who can take down a server, but they don't even know what an ICMP type 8 is. I felt sick writing this last sentence…

So, don't be big-headed. Just executing tools does not make you a hacker/pentester. Correctly start your studies.

Don't be a simple stupid script kiddie. These guys are jokes in the security world. Do you wanna be like these guys? I don't think so.

And another tip: Don't think that everything is for free, you'll need to save some money to buy books, training or certifications.

There is a lot of training available on the internet. I'm saving some time for you:

Some books and links to start (I put them in the order that I think is the best way to learn, feel free to choose the best way for you):

Now you have at least 6 months of studying ahead, and you can find more related training. Remember, Google is your friend.

I ALREADY HAVE THE SKILLS (Really? Double check it)

So, if you already have the required skills, there are some excellent references that you can use to get into IT security. Still, first, you should select one area and move to another one after you have mastered it (my recommendation). However, sometimes you have to mix them to get better results. Some security areas (it's not an exhaustive list):

Web Pentesting

Network Pentesting

Mobile Pentesting

SCADA Pentesting

Reverse Engineering

Malware Analysis


Security Research

Hardware Security


Hardware Hacking

IoT Pentesting

RedTeaming -> Offensive

BlueTeam -> Defensive

Of course, you can simultaneously share your focus and study more than 1 topic.

If you are thinking of using Kali to start your studies, you should visit the link

In this link, there is a lot of Kali documentation that can help you before you go to the #kali-Linux channel on Freenode and ask an obvious question. Also, you can use Additionally, as Kali is Debian-based, it is good to check the Debian Linux documentation if you are not familiar with this distro.

Some helpful links to start your pentest journey:

Books: - Very nice book series that covers a lot of different topics.

This is another very nice book series that covers many topics, like Mobile, Android, Cars, and others, not only Web Applications, search for it.

Red Teaming:

Also, you can google "Pentest Kali Linux" on google. There are a lot of related books, just choose one and try.


One more link in the same style as this post: - > A lots of vulnerable machines to play. -> A lots of security videos and tutorials. -> More security videos -> Various pentest exercises -> Various pentest exercises -> Low Level exploitation

Certifications/Training: --> FREE TRANING! --> FREE TRANING! -> Moved to -> CyberSecurity

Here, there is a list of most of the expressive certifications in CyberSecurity according to each area:

Building a pentest lab:

Also, you can find an excellent pentest LAB for FREE on

I recommend you to take VIP access. It's about U$10/month, and it's totally worth it!

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way:

Thanks to <Illusional> for the help! \o/

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